Quality Foliage  Inc. is a small, family owned and operated, wholesale foliage plant nursery consisting of 300,000 square feet of wood, steel and plastic shade-house structures located  in Florida City, Florida.

Our nursery is on the southwestern edge of  the Redlands farming district of subtropical Miami-Dade County,  just East of the Everglade National Park. 

Our specialty is shade grown Totems, using a  variety of Pothos, Philodendron and Hoya vines, planted on round poles,  for the interiorscape industry. The majority of our products go to the florist and garden center sector. We do not sell our product to the Mass-Market sector of the Industry.  

We also specialize in Aglaonemas, huge Bird's nest Anthuriums,  Aspleniums,  Arboricolas, Cactus,  Dracaenas, Hoyas, Philodendrons, Sansevierrias, as well as some of the biggest ZZ plants in the Nursery industry.

All of our plants are grown with high quality soil and cuttings, with some of the highest Quality standards in the industry.

We are considered to be amongst the best at what we do, thus our name....Quality Foliage Inc.

If you would like a price list, please email or call us.

We look forward to your business.

Owners, Tony and Lillian Chen See

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